“Transforming Self" Workshop by Özerk Sonat Pamir
6 July Saturday 16:00-19:00 | Free Laboratory

Practical Details
This workshop is open for everyone who are willing to research their movement and voice possibilities according to their unique necessities, and those want to develop this research towards creation process.
You can contact ozerkpamir@yahoo.com for info and questions.

Transforming Self Workshop is based on a research understanding where we use movement and voice in order to re-communicate with the areas of body/mind where awareness can not reach. 

We start the workshop with rooting in breath awareness. We observe the condition of our body and mind without trying to manipulate or control the breathing: Which parts are comfortable and relaxed; which parts are tense, in need of better listening and special care; which parts are out of awareness?

After beginning to “map” our body/mind this way, we start to search for the “functional”movements and sounds which will help us to re-communicate with these parts.
Observing the habits that form the self (movement, voice, sight, emotions, behaviors, memory) and to research how these habits can be transformed by employing simple techniques, are also at the center of our workshop.

This way, all together, we create a research environment where each participant is deeply rooted both in her/his individual process and with the processes of other participants.

Özerk Sonat Pamir
I begun my studies at 2002 with Beklan and Ayla Algan - founders of TAL (theatre research laboratory) which was one of the few theatre laboratories of the world- on contemporary theatre. With contributions by experts from fields like psychology, sociology, art history and anthropology this interdisciplinary working process lasted around four years. In this process i had the opportunity to work with people like Ahmet Cemal, Yıldız Cıbıroğlu and İsmail Ersevim. This process -which was focused on researching the possibilities of movement and voice of the actor in such a way that they would reflect/dance/act the multiple layered being of the artist- was later enriched by my collaborations with contemporary dancers. Dancers and instant composers like Mark Tompkins, Kirstie Simson and Daniel Lebkoff  (besides many others) and Butoh Dancers like Tetsuro Fukuhara, Rhizome Lee and Iida Shigemi were inspiring encounters and some of them turned into rich collaborations. I took my Yoga Teacher Certificate at 2007 in an ashram at Nasik / India.  During 2008 i attended the work of Rhizome Lee at Himalayan Subbody Resonance Butoh for 6 months where he was inquiring in to the relationship between the subconscious mind and the body. I’m still giving workshops and facilitating the short term classes in this center which is located in North Indian town of McLeod Ganj.( http://subbody.in/ozerk/ )