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Parallel to the academic calendar in addition to our events, classes and workshops CIRCUIT’s space is available for external use. Because we want to specifically serve for arts and movement we will be only renting our space to body, movement related classes, workshops, rehearsals [yoga, dance, theatre], and other applicable events as well as seminars, meetings or reading groups.
There is a fixed rental fee per hour.
The renting fee for classes and workshops is not the same fee as rehearsals or free events and/or meetings.
During summer when CIRCUIT’s program is less active long term rentals are possible for other fields as well. Please see below for details.


Circuit's space is located in the heart of Yeldeğirmeni, Kadikoy. Just a 5-minute walk from the ferry station, the venue is newly renovated and bright, with big windows, street access, and a shared kitchen and lounge (total 100 m2). It can be arranged with tables and chairs for talks, screenings, or meetings, as well as for evening events, classes, or workshops.

To propose a project or event for the space, or to inquire about rental, please email us at to arrange an appointment. 


Summer camps
Classroom activities, meetings, workshops and rehearsals
Studio for yoga or movement classes
Shared working space
Exhibitions and installations
Research and development space for startups or online organisations
Private PR events, or team-building events


Shared kitchen / eating area & lounge
77.5 m2 floor space + 14 m2 common area
Semi-furnished, including 15 - 20 chairs and 6 tables
Projector screen