Open Dance| Bahar Erduran, Ülkü Çağlayan
July, 9 Tuesday | 19:30 - 21:00 | 70 TL
(Registration and upfront payment [or deposit] is required:

Practical Details

We dance through 1,5 hours on our own rythym. There is no any clothing suggestions for this event that it is up to attendant to have a preference to wear socks or shoes. We are dressing how we’d like to. Energy balls will be helping when we are exhausted.
”Open Dance” is starting with playlist created by Bahar Erduran and going by facilitaion of Ülkü Çağlayan.
”Open Dance” is open for all.


This event is open to anyone who has an appetite for dancing.
Practised closed eyes or not, dancing together or alone.
We will explore club dance in a different context that offers us new possibilities for our moving bodies.
It is a safe and playful space

Bahar Erduran

A person who loves to dance with coincidental preferences accompanied surprising music.

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