“How deep it is so true how true it is so deeply” with Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu
9, 10 February Saturday and Sunday | 12:00 - 18:00 | 12 hours 250 TL | for students 170 TL
*This workshop will be held at Performistanbul Live Art Research Space on February 2 and 3.

Practical Details
The only requirement for this workshop is the desire to work with the physical and emotional boundaries of the body,
not having the experience of working with the body before.
It is recommended to wear comfortable and warm clothes and bring a shawl.
It is definitely not recommended to take part in the full stomach.
A notebook and a pen should be brought to the workshop.
Participants are advised to attend all two days and it is important not to be late for group dynamics and to be in the venue 15 minutes before the workshop time.
Mobile phones and watches will be collected before the workshop.
Participants who need to take medication during the workshop hours, it will be given medication if they share this information.
Participants will receive a preparation directive 1 week before the workshop (late enrolled participants at least 4 days).
The workshop makes real with a minimum of 4 participants.
Records are closed 4 days before the workshop.
For registry, you must deposit half of the fee. to the account given to you after your email.
For account details and registration: lemandariciogluworkshop@gmail.com

We will be working on the physical and emotional boundaries and limits the body for two days, which will take place in silence for two days, silence for 6 hours a day, and we will go
into an investigation to discover the depths of our self. Workshop participants will not be informed about the exercises before the date. This workshop, which is especially recommended for people involved or interested in performance art, can be used as a preparation for long-term performances, or as an introduction to the field. These two days, which all people working with performing arts, theater, contemporary dance and body can use to deepen their own practices, are open to everyone who wishes to discover their own boundaries even though they did not work in these areas.

Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu
The Istanbul-based performance artist sees the production process as a performative research on self and uses it as a means of transforming its limits and self. Believing in the power of present and touch, she views the body as a resource to be unravelled; as a laboratory of emotions, fears and limits; and as an intensity space of encounters. If and when she needs to define herself as an artist, she chooses to use the ‘queer artist’ title. Her take of ‘queer’ does not only refer to an area beyond heterosexuality and binary sex, but
also to a space beyond normatively itself. She has been in the advisory team of a series of queer theory writings called “Queer Düş’ün” (Queer Fantasy/Thought) – ongoing since 2012 – and has been the translator of some of the books in the selection, published by Sel Publishing House. She also edited and compiled a queer theory book called “Queer Temaşa” (Queer Contemplation/Spectacle) which has been published as part of the series, again through Sel Publishing House (2016). The workshop “as true as deep, as deep as true” which focuses on the limits of the body has been created after the artist participated to the Cleaning the house workshop; a workshop with the Abramovic method exercises for 5 days, which was organized by the Marina Abramovic Institute in September 2018. Also other inspirations are workshops organized by La pocha nostra and VestAndPage.
Until now the workshop is been held in Çanakkale at Sub and in Lisbon at Forum Dança.

* according to her taking gender as a non-stable property of people themselves, this pronoun might be switched between she/they/ze in the future, for awhile, for sometimes or constantly.