Moving With The Breath Nick Hobbs

08 October | 19:00 - 22:00 | 160 TL
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In conscious movement, connecting with the breath is generally underlined, as it is in yoga and tai chi. And this physical connection to the breath has a mystical aspect - etymologically, spirit equals breath - it’s embedded in the double-sensed notions of inspiration and expiration, and all the notions - like spirited and spirituality - derived from ‘spirit’.

In dance, it’s perhaps harder to keep part of our attention on our breath than it is in say yoga, but through that attention on our breath we can become more connected with our movement, or, more deeply, we can become more at one with our movement.

A session then in which we'll explore the relationship between breath and spirit through movement, and also through voice, and where another spirit word - perspiration - might take on a different shade of meaning.

Nick Hobbs

I was a mixed-up, rock-n-roll kid when I lost myself to dance and music. Falling in love with the feeling of freedom, with the casting off masks, with entering the intensity of the now, with wild nature and radical culture. As a singer and actor, I’ve explored a great many movement practice; as a teacher, I’ve focused on improvised movement, spontaneous theatre, solo & choral improvised voice and deep yoga where asana practice is at one with breath and meditation.

Coming from a lifetime’s passion for extraordinary music, dance and theatre, my movement and voice teaching hopes to open up a forum for exploration, for being different, for improvisation, for finding ourselves. Moving and voicing individually in all the ways we’re capable of. Opening into meditation through movement and voice. Where stillness and silence merge with movement and sound. Where our emotions and feelings have a huge space. Where we can explore being together with our fellow-dancers, voicers and actors in ways which are hardly possible in ‘normal’ life. Bringing together body, mind and heart in an unfolding and unified practice. Never the same twice. Always allowing us to go deeper or further or stiller or higher or softer or whatever we feel in that moment. And through it, we become more alive, and perhaps, dare I say it, better at the mysterious art of being human.

My main trainings have been with Pantheatre (Paris), The Roy Hart Theatre (Malérargues), FreedomDance (Moscow) & Chris Chavez Yoga (Istanbul).