Research laboratories offer a space to experiment with and collaboratively test their performative ideas among a group. It consists of “work-in-progress” by artists, and choreographers or anyone [from wide range of wield] who would like to generate a thought or initiate an action.

According to the facilitator and the content of the work, these labs may include studying, talking, making, reading, dancing, improvising, and documenting [once agreed upon by all participating members].

Labs are free entrance.

Proposals for labs will be published on the website and can also be seen at CIRCUIT on one of the panels. Selection will be based on the votes of participations.

If you would like to propose a lab please email:

Next Lab: “What is Changing?”
To be announced.

Focusing on conscious diaphragmatic breath and super oxygenating our body can be a way to create our own safe zone in which we can mindfully provoke and care for ourselves.
The process transpires in the elusive materiality of our body with the movement of breath. This includes physiological, emotional, energetic and motor reactions and the experience caused by all of them. By enjoying this experience and playing with our breath we will go through different states and sense subtle bodily happenings.