International Guest Artist Workshops | Improvisation And Instant Composition Angela Stöcklin
June 3-7, 2019 (Monday to Friday) | 11:00-17:00 both days (30 hours) | TRY 1250
*On June 7, participants with Angela will present their work of the week to the public if they wish to at 20:00.
(Registration and payment are needed. Please contact: for details.)

In the atelier various approaches will be offered, for individual exploration and in interaction with others. Setting focus either onto musical, physical, spacial or interpersonal relationality puts attention towards the “how to do” rather than the “what do do”, and opens up our range of action. We gain access to our body-mind. This is a state in which we come into the free flow of improvising

Improvisation and Instant Composition
Relating and Relationships
Dance as a medium of the body and presence, can be seen as a field of knowledge par exellence for research into how certainty about the world is created between the poles of perception, imagination, action and cognition. (Gabriela Klein)

Free creation out of the moment is an art with multiple challenges. Improvisation is probably the most original and primary form of expression. It combines technical skill with playfulness, asks for letting go of what is familiar and known to joyfully and non-judgementally open up to the impulses of the moment.

It is “being in the moment”, a positioning within a process and withing multiple relationalities which then become a creation.

Improvisation asks for absolute presence, a connecting of decisions within milliseconds, reflection, and a letting go into the flow of the moment. Simultaneously sensing inner and outer processes and a juggling between these, is being asked for just as much as clearly following an evolving string of action. A balancing act between past, present and future.
Dancing is relating. To one’s own self, to the others, to time processes and spacial aspects.
We learn to act with clarity and directness, to refine our sensitivity and awareness, to combine spontaneity and freedom in decision-making. We gain control over our actions and simultaneously let go of it.

For the Instant Composing we learn about dramaturgical lines and arches, to become aware of themes, shifts or constant development of these, and various relations in time and space within creating a piece.

Dislearning habits, and accepting without judgementalising “what is” are important in this work. In addition we gain possibilities to alter thought- and action patterns through reflective processes. Thus individual experience is enriched and questioned while sharing it with others. Learning to verbalise our actions helps to clarify them. We create a safe space within which we learn to creatively act and interact with one another.

Angela Stöcklin:
Angela Stöcklin (b. 1963 in Iran, based in Switzerland since 1979) is a dancer and teacher. Practices in music and visual arts led her to dance. After two years of studying at the arts school Basel, she got her dance education at ch-Tanztheater Zurich. She holds a Master in Contemporary Arts Practise, Performance art (CAP, HKB).

Angela Stöcklin has been dancing in various contemporary companies and productions in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, such as Cie Muriel Bader, zet-Tanztheater, Tina Mantel, cie n’est-ce pas, Tamuté Dance Company, Cie Denise Lampart and Angelika Aechter in Zurich, Nelly Buetikofers Fasson Theater, Lachen, co.ainsi.danse, Bienne, Compagnia Vitale, Ticino, Tanztheater Renate Killmann in Freiburg i.Br., David Hernandez, Brussels. She has been participating in site specific performances and dance videos. She is a member of x-group (instant composition research as performance form) since its founding in 2003.
During that time she began creating her own works, that lie more and more also in the interdisciplinary field, closing the cycle of her artistic background. Fixed choreography which dismantels a specific form as necessity in the due of a process, as well as the momentary re/acting Instant Composition as direct interaction and absolute presence in the now are parts of her interests and means of working. She explores the multilayored facettes of communication and perception and explores process-oriented approaches. She has created choreography, performative and installation pieces, short to evening long productions, solo and interdisciplinary projects.

She founded the fusion projects ( which encompass works of interaction between different art forms. Within experimental contexts she researches on different fields of interaction. In that context also falls her inter-cultural project „instants“ on improvisation and Instant Composition between music and dance with artists in and from different cultural backgrounds. The long-term collaboration with Jan Schacher additionally deepens this process on Instant Composition and interaction between music and dance.

Angela Stöcklin has been teaching contemporary dance and improvisation / Instant Composition, and has done coaching for a number of productions.

Furthermore she has been practising and teaching Taiji Quan and Qi Gong, and has got a diploma in acupressure therapy.