“Inspirations of Being” Improvisational Movement Workshop | Derya Demiroğlu
June, 30th Sunday | 14:00 - 17:30 | 120 TL before June, 15| 150 TL
(Your spot will be saved when you make the payment. For detailed info and questions please contact deryademirogluyoga@gmail.com) Workshop is going to be held with minimum 3, maximum 12 participants.

Practical Details

Dancers, actresses, actors, yogis, yoginis, muscians, artists from different disciplines, body therapists and; anyone who is interested in body-mind-movement researches, performance art processes and improvisational/creative movement and dance can join this workshop. Open for all levels of physical movement practice. At the end of the workshop it is planed to share a short performance presantation with willing participants. Detailed information about performance presentation is going to be shared during the workshop week. Everyone is invited. Free entrance. To reserve your spot as audience, mail to deryademirogluyoga@gmail.com.


Being nourished from yoga, breathing, meditation, contemporary dance, butoh, butoh space dance, various art disciplines and poetry, this workshop is a holistic research field which presents processes of observation, exploration and creating awareness on body, mind, movement and (inner and outer) space. The workshop is set on a flow in which participants can explore and experience body, mind and space through body-mind with performance dynamics and possibilities of improvisational movement. In the workshop, exercises on breathing, yoga and different movement and dance disciplines; practices on meditative, improvisational and creative movement, awareness researches on pyhsical, notional/intellectual, affective and sensorial layers and, practices which offers opportunities in deepening artistic expression in performance field are going to be shared. In improvisational and creative dance researches, these practices invites the participant to be aware of mind-body and space as well as inner and outer connections and balance these connections; explore and deepen their practices during physical, notional and artistic sharings with innovative and creative ways by starting from their uniqe being.

For detailed information please visit : https://dderyademiroglu.wixsite.com/deryademiroglu/inspirationsofbeing-olusunesinleri

Derya Demiroğlu

Dancer, Choreographer, Performance Artist, Yoga Teacher. Defines herself as holistic artist. She had time in different art disciplines such as music, photography and poetry and took part in performances and art works on contemporay dance and dance theatre during her university years (2003-08). By 2007 she had trainings on yoga, body, movement, performance and contemporary dance intensively. Her movement quality, researches and teachings has developed and evolved as a blend of different disciplines. She was invited to Tokyo to learn and practice on new generation of butoh and she practiced butoh space dance with Tetsuro Fukuhara. In this period in Japan she also researched in Tatsumi Hijikata arsvhives and attended workshops of Yoshito Ohno and other butoh dancers to learn about origins and interpretations of butoh. Bedisdes butoh, she practiced and has been practicing in different body and dance ecoles, disciplines and tecniques such as contemporary dance, contact improvisation, acro yoga, facia researches, skinner releasing, axis syllabus and klein tecnique. Her teacher trainings on yoga are over 600 hours including vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga and tao vinyasa. She prefers a holistic approach on body, movement and art works and she designs her classes and workshops as a blend of these different disciplines taking into consideration the needs, experiences and energies of participating individuals or group. In 2016-17, she performed in international Un-Label performing arts company which produces interdisciplinary art works on performance. (You can learn more about the conpany here: http://un-label.eu/en/field/news-en/ ) In 2017', she danced and co-choreographed in 'Autonomous' project in which performance art and media art come together in Media Arts Academy in Cologne, Germany. She took part in movement, dance and performans art works in countries such as Japan, Finland, Germany, Greece. She has shared "Inspirations of Being" workshop and her classes and workshops on yoga, movement and dance in diffrent cities in Turkey and abroad and continues to share. She takes place in individual or international performance projects at terms. She writes haiku, continues photography, loves nature and biking meditation and, she is interested in bird species.

For more information about her and her works please visit: www.dderyademiroglu.wixsite.com/deryademiroglu