Hanging out with the body Loïc Perela
20 April Saturday - 21 April Sunday | 14:00 - 18:00 | 700 TL (Registration and payment are needed by March 30, 2019. Please contact: suzan.d.polat@gmail.com for details.) 

The hangouts are durational practices that propose to hang out with things: ideas, tasks, concepts, situations, voice, you name it. All the practices will focus on being present, on considering and evaluating the body in relation to the object of attention in a non-productive frame. Indeed, proposing frames of time to hang out with things allows space for not knowing, for trying, for failing, for finding and moving on, for being with things with no expectations. One of our challenges will be to cultivate our attention through those hangouts, and that is also a strong interest of his as well as a strong part of Perela’s work.

This workshop Hanging out with the body is intimately linked to Perela’s choreographic practice and the pieces that come out of it. He sees it as a way of learning through the doing, equally for the visitors as for himself. He believes it could be an interesting platform where we can inspire each other.
During this workshop he is obviously interested in addressing the sensorial body as a departure point as well as sharing the mind-set with which he works, namely: hanging out with things. This will be clearly established with the Conditioning (we explain below what that is) and carried on for the rest of the day(s).
Composition being one of his strong interests we will play with possibilities that will derive from the Hangouts (we explain below what that is).
The use of the voice being lately present in his practice, it will also get a focus. We will hang out with our voices and find intrinsic connections between body, breathing and voice

The Conditioning is approximately one hour and a half of guided improvisation not based on form. Starting with eyes closed and paying attention to our breath we (re)-discover the body by allowing it to move, observing sensations arising within. Through a set of guidances we gradually open our senses to become more awake. Once we are fully open to our individual moving bodies and to the surrounding space we open to each other and interact in ways that increase our being sensitive. This practice is about meeting the body, the space, each other and developing skills to be present and intuitive.

Loïc Perela:
Loïc Perela is an independent choreographer and teacher. He studied at the ENSDM in Marseille and the CNSMDP in Paris between 1998 and 2004, following a very classical education. He then went on to work as a dancer for IT Dansa in Barcelona, Donlon Dance Company in Saarbrücken and Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam between 2004 and 2012. Those companies offered a repertoire that derived its source from a deconstructed form of classical ballet towards modern forms of dance. During those years Loïc’s main focus was to perform and to learn from all the processes he was invited to be part of in order to discover his body and mind, while starting to choreograph. Following the need for a broader frame to create his own work Loïc went on as a freelance choreographer and has been since 2012 artist in residence at Dansateliers in Rotterdam. In 2015 he won the Nederlandse Dansdagen Prize for upcoming Choreographer. For the season 2017-2018, he was one of the long residents at K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg. He is currently studying Arts and Humanities at the Open University UK. For more info, please visit http://www.loicperela.com