What type of organiSation is CIRCUIT? Is it not-for-profit?

Yes CIRCUIT is a not-for-profit organisation. Its main purpose has always been to create an impact above making a profit. At times CIRCUIT did generate income which was divided among its active members. Active members did not always include the founding team; it included CIRCUIT’s other team members and/or larger community which consisted of designers, artists, trainers, and social entrepreneurs.

So, does that mean that it had an social business model?

Yes. It has been run differently from a regular company and NGO, in its financial and management models. Moreover, its model was never fixed but instead changed according to its projects and members. It took a lot of effort to continually adapt and find appropriate models though.

Who was in responsible for creating these models?

The founding team with the additional support of Adnan Yerebakan, who provided his natural insight. Andan is also the director of Sanatorium Contemporary Art Gallery which partially [still] supports CIRCUIT.

If CIRCUIT in reality functions as a not-for-profit how did you invest in the new psychical space? Who is behind it?

We were able to create a new space with the help of supporters and volunteers.  Primarily, Sanatorium and GIG together renovated CIRCUIT’s most recent space.

The old space in Cukurcuma was given to Ulku with a symbolic rental price. The space was rather mouldy and had all kinds of other living animal inhabitants. At the time, Ugurcan Erol, an architect, voluntarily helped with basic renovations. Within the first year, Ulku also helped establish the third floor of the building to become a rental apartment which generated enough income to pay for the running of CIRCUIT.

What is this ‘change’ thing being emphasized all the time?

Well, firstly CIRCUIT’s foundation is based on Ülkü’s own transformation. We all value change. Moreover, for the organism of CIRCUIT, the consistent topic of change comes from its multidisciplinary team, the commitments of its team members, its experimental nature, and its variable content.

What is the major change taking place at the moment?

For the first time, CIRCUIT is changing its content to focus more on arts and movement. However, we still pursue our shared ideals, albeit it different forms.

CIRCUIT will maintain an experimental and cross-disciplinary environment for the programs and our innermost values of mindful living remain the same.

How do we know who ran which projects?

The team members for each project are mentioned in the ARCHIVE under each category. Here is an overview of its management history:

December 2013 - July 2015 | Cukurcuma | Director: Ulku Caglayan | Assistant Managers: Boran Guruney, Doruk Seymen

July 2015 - March 2016 | Cukurcuma | Director: Paul Brownlee | Assistant Director: Jessica Sim | Assistant Managers: Steffi Kuhlmann, Gabrielle Reeves

March 2016 - September 2016 | Moving to Yeldegirmeni and Renovations

September 2016 - July 2017 | Co-directors: Paul Brownlee and Jessica Sim | Assistant Managers: Özge Mutlu, Sinem Sayar

July 2017 - July 2018 | Director: Jessica Sim | Assistant Managers: Özge Mutlu, Sinem Sayar

July 2018 - October 2018 | Transition

November 2018 | Director: Ulku Caglayan

Are all of the projects that take place at CIRCUIT led by CIRCUIT?

No and yes. All of these details can be found under each project in the ARCHIVE.

Between projects, CIRCUIT has played the role of organiser, curator and/or collaborative host.

Events led by CIRCUIT included one or more founding team members and often collaborators from CIRCUIT’s larger community.  

CIRCUIT has also organised events and was invited for projects outside of its own space. She organised educational workshops for ENKA and IICS International Schools, participated at Cevre Festival organised by the Municipality of Kadikoy as well as at Güzel Bir Gün Festival as one of the social responsible projects. CIRCUIT was invited by PAWI [Professional American Women of Istanbul] to give a talk and by Department of Architecture Bilgi University, to make a presentation about Alternative Uses of Space.

Was there a change in its location and name?

CIRCUIT began as Closet Circuit in December 2013 in Çukurcuma, Beyoğlu. In September 2016, the organisation rebranded as CIRCUIT and relocated to Yeldegirmeni, Kadıkoy.