Body Awareness with Contemporary Dance with Dila Yumurtacı
12/13 January  | 15:00 - 18:00 | 6 hours … TL

Practical Details
No previous experience is required. 
Minimum 4, maximum 12 persons.
It is important for participants to attend all 6 classes, as we will build new content each class.
Registration and upfront payment [or deposit] is required:

In this workshop, we will work with the attention on movement in the body in combination with different techniques and disciplines such as contemporary dance, yoga, qigong and meditation. We will be researching how to have a better communication with our body.

In addition to working with techniques movement, phrases will be fragmented in order to allow the free movement while being in the flow. By softly approaching our body we will be investigating how the movement starts in the body and what its relation is with emotions.

With the support of the free movement, we will experience being out of our memorised areas in terms of mind and body. The use different disciplines aim to encourage participants to enhance their own practices.

Dila Yumurtacı
Choreographer, visual and performance artist Dila Yumurtacı was graduated from Royal Academy of Dance, department of Balet. She followed educating herself on contemporary dance and performance following different teachers in a variety of countries. For about 10 years she has been giving classic and contemporary dance and freedom and improvised dance classes to people from with many different ages. Her interest in yoga, meditation and qigong changed her perception towards the body and movement and so combining different disciplines she adopted a holistic approach.

In 2007 she founded a collective named “dadans. She continues to create with “dadans" and personally.