Collective Breath Practice Ülkü Çağlayan
May 26, Sunday | 16:00 - 18:00 | 80 TL

Practical Details
No previous experience is required since it is something we all know.
Please wear comfortable and warm clothing and avoid attending class on a full stomach.
Please bring a shawl that is big enough to cover your body.
Registration and upfront payment [or deposit] is required:

Collective Breath Sessions are personal experiments to investigate the relationship between our breath and ourselves as a single being. Does my breath and body relate to one an other? What is the movement of my breath? How does the rhythm of my breath connect to the rest of the sensations in my body? How much of my life is perceived and manifested by this relationship?
Breathing can be used as a means to investigate consciousness and this investigation can shape our presence and possibility for change. Am I the change that I want to see in the world?

We will work with various breath exercises, free dancing and somatic movement.

This workshop is appropriate for all those who are sensitively interested in self-understanding in any form as well as for anyone who is curious about fulfilling and revitalising/relaxing tastes and feelings.

Ülkü Çağlayan
In 2012, just after graduation she went to South Africa to be trained as a Breath and Life Coach in order to pursue her curiosity on the concept of self [who am I].
Her training included 160 hours of practical&theoretical knowledge and 2 years of travelling in South Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey with the breath community that she was part of. During this period she worked as a facilitator, organiser and simultaneous translator of the trainer. She observed that the deepest learning for her occurred during the translation process and developed an interest in different levels of listening and their effects on communication.
After staying 3 months in Arunachala, she returned to Turkey and found CIRCUIT Istanbul. 

Since 2016 she devoted her self to self-studies and alternative educational centres to inquiry into body awareness, movement research and performance art, and found the opportunity to interact with specialist and academics she values. Bedirhan Dehmen [Physical Theatre course, Koc University], Michael Klein, Erin Manning in RICEonHydra… Most recently, at ImpulsTanz she completed the first part of Somatic Movement Teacher Training [50hours] with Dieter Rehberg and attended Keith Henessey’s workshops [25hours] which has big impact on her current studies.

Besides independently giving private breath sessions, she offers “MOVING BREATH” [a practice combining movement and breath] to corporates and groups with her ‘movement facilitator’ partner. Her current breath and movement practice focuses on nature of mind, change, and experimenting new forms of dialogue, and investigates concept of weirdness and provocation. She is currently a guest student at Koc University taking psychology classes.